As chartered surveyors we offer a complete surveying service in accordance with the RICS regulations.

Building Survey:

This is the most thorough survey and takes several hours for a chartered surveyor to complete.  Every visible part of the structure is fully inspected and your surveyor will complete a detailed report.  The report will identify major problems and advise you of anticipated financial implications.

On further instructions and at additional cost, Burnet Ware can also arrange for specialist tests to be carried out upon electrical and gas installations, drains and asbestos.

You will be issued with detailed reports for these tests.

Specific Defect Report:

This report concentrates on one aspect of the building, specified by you, the client.

This survey is designed to focus on one specific defect; Common examples include structural movement or dampness. 

A surveyor will attend your property, inspect the defect and draw up a full report detailing the extent and possible consequences of the defect and potential financial implications.

This report is recommended most suitable after a mortgage valuation inspection has been completed or for an existing homeowner.

Probate / Inheritance Tax valuation:

This is a specific valuation of a property following the death of an owner or part owner.

This Valuation is primarily used for probate purposes and will give the client the correct valuation of the property at the time of the owner’s death.

This report is recommended for probate purposes.

Matrimonial Valuation:

This is a specific valuation of a property that forms part of the matrimonial proceedings.

This Valuation is used as part of matrimonial proceedings.  It can be carried out on instruction, for one or both parties.  The latter is most cost effective.

Party Wall Matters:

A Party Wall Award is required, in most instances, when either you or your neighbour is carrying out works to, or within 6 metres of a party wall.


If you, or your neighbour, are carrying out building works to, or within 6 metres of a party wall, the chances are that you will both need to instruct Surveyors in order to protect both parties from potential damage or claims. A Party Wall Award governs how and when the party wall works are to be undertaken, states the precise nature of the party wall works in plain English, and sets in place procedures and obligations to ensure that the building works are completed smoothly.

Burnet Ware can act as the Owners Surveyor (for those carrying out the work) or as the Adjoining Owners Surveyor (for those living next door to the work that is being carried out).

The cost of the surveyor is paid for by the individuals carrying out the work.

Other Surveying Services:

Burnet Ware also carry out specific services relating to other matters i.e. land and buildings.  Please call us for more information.